New Front Porch & Steps
New Front Porch & Steps
Working on the porch
LEFT:  Porch as it is prepared to be laid with brick.                                        RIGHT: Steve starts the row of brick down the porch.
LEFT: Steve continues the brick row.
RIGHT:  All finished but the corner of the porch
LEFT:  Paul checks the level of the 1/4 down gravel.                              RIGHT:  Steve starts smoothing out the cement.
LEFT:  Cement is poured into the porch area.
RIGHT:  Leveling off the cement in the porch.
LEFT:  Paul uses the bull float on the cement.
RIGHT:  Setting my state quarters... 1 Tennessee, 3 Texas
Building the Steps
LEFT:  Chris starts laying out the spot for the slab for the steps.
RIGHT:  Steve and Chris finish laying out the cement form for slab.
LEFT:  Steve starts on the first step.                                                  RIGHT:  Steve adds bricks to the top step.
LEFT:  Steve adds more brick to top step.                                                  RIGHT:  Top step done.
LEFT:  Second step taking shape.
RIGHT:  Steps are done!
The Columns are Added
LEFT:  Break time after the first two columns are added.            RIGHT:  The first column and the gray cement porch.
LEFT:  Pauls sets the third column.                                                            RIGHT: Chris makes sure column is straight.
LEFT:  Front porch after columns have been set.                                 RIGHT:  View of front of house after porch is finished.