Rebuilding the Addition

The foundation going in underneath the house and new addition.                    Adam adds floor joists for the new addition.
The new floor joists are finished being installed.                                                  The new subfloor goes down on the floor joists.
The new framing starts going up on the new addition.                              Chris nailing OSB to the new framing under 12 foot window.
LEFT: View of new addition with rafters.  RIGHT: view from inside new addition with decking on roof.
View of rear of addition after OSB installed.                                                  Rear side view of addition with new windows installed.
LEFT: Framing of new addition from sunroom looking thru to bathroom.  RIGHT: New recess lighting installed.
LEFT:  View from inside sunroom after windows installed. Ceiling is 8' high at the window side of sunroom.  RIGHT: View of sunroom after insulation installed.  Ceiling is 10' at this side of addition.
Sunroom after sheetrock has been installed.                                                  Another view of sunroom after sheetrock installed.
View of outside of addition with windows trimmed with aluminum siding... Never paint the trim again!!