Replacing the Windows
The old single pane windows were replaced with double-hung, double-paned, tilt in windows.  We also got the screens to go onto the windows, but they haven't been installed yet.
LEFT: Paul looks at window frame after removing old window.  RIGHT: Paul and Chris install the first new window when they arrived.
Nothing scarier than arriving to find 1/4 of your house missing!      The dormer after the three new windows are installed.
New and old windows in the dormer... new is much better!                 Working on the second set of dormer windows.
Paul working on installing a window in the dormer.                              The dormers after the new windows have been installed.
Windows taken out of the upstairs bedroom.                                        Same view 2 hours later with new windows installed!
Chris works on installing the aluminum siding trim.                    The house after all the windows have been trimmed in siding.