Cleaning up the Yard
After months of looking at the yard with all the various debris piles, it came as quite a shock to see the yard cleaned up again!  The piles of debris never bothered me since I knew it was a sign of work in progress.  However, once the work was finished and we turned to cleaning up the yard, it was really nice to see how much of a difference it really made!  Not to mention the number of vehicles that slowed down on their way past the house to get a better view!
LEFT:  Starting in the side yard, the dozer work went quick!          RIGHT: The side/back yard and a dirt hill that has to go!
LEFT: A debris pile from the front yard.
RIGHT: Another dirt pile in the back yard that has to go!
LEFT: The debris pile that drove everyone but me crazy. It had a bit of everything from just about all the different jobs!
RIGHT: The wood debris pile included four trees that I know of!
LEFT: Backing in to dump a load of debris.
RIGHT: Dumping the debris.  Three copperheads were killed here later the same day.
LEFT:  Loaded for another run to the back lot.                      RIGHT:  Backhoe getting loaded onto 18 wheeler.
LEFT:  Side view of house after dozer work finished.
RIGHT:  View across the front yard after dozer work finished.
LEFT: View of house from the sidewalk out front.                       RIGHT: View of house from sidewalk.
ABOVE:  View of house and field from corner of property.